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Wonder Points is a way to earn points for exclusive skin care discounts

What's more fun than skin care? Discounted skin care! At Little Wonderland, we want to reward our loyal customers. That's why we launched the Wonder Point system. LW Wonder Point is an easy, fun way to save up and earn points that you can redeem for discount vouchers. We want to make sure that repurchasing your skin care faves at Little Wonderland really pays off!

How it works? It's easy peasy. Register at Little Wonderland, so we can track the orders that are linked to your personal account. As soon as you've set up your account, you can start earning Wonder Points. Every euro you spend will be converted into a Wonder Point. So if you spend 50 euros on K-Beauty, you will receive 50 Wonder Points.

Receive a €5,- discount voucher

As soon as you've collected 125 Wonder Points, you will find a button in your personal account that will convert the Wonder Points into a €5,- discount voucher. Now you can apply your discount on your next order!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I collect Wonder Points?

To collect Wonder Points, you need to set up a personal customer account. Your Wonder Points will be saved in your personal account, so you can always check your balance and see how much you've earned so far. For every purchase you make while logged in, the amount of euros will be automatically converted in to Wonder Points. So if you spend 50 euros on K-beauty and skin care, you receive 50 Wonder Points!

Why can't I see my points directly after placing my order?

It takes about 5 days to process your points. After 5 days, you're Wonder Points are definite, and you can check them on your account at any time. 

I still have Wonder Points left from the previous WP system, do I keep these points?

Yes, all the Wonder Points you've earned in our previous WP system will be converted into the new program. You will need to log in to check your Wonder Point balance.


If there are any questions left, feel free to contact our customer care team through the live chat or through [email protected] 

Have fun earning points and shopping with discount!