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If you place your order before 22:00 on weekdays, our warehouse team will do their best to send it the same day. However, in rare cases our shipping times can experience some delay. If, for whatever reason, we can’t meet our usual shipping times, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Receiving your order

Our delivery partner is DHL. They usually deliver the following day between 9:00 and 22:00 (in the Netherlands). After placing your order, DHL will send you an e-mail as soon as they receive your parcel. You will receive another e-mail when your parcel is on its way, along with information about the time slot in which your parcel will be delivered. Make sure you fill in your e-mail address correctly so DHL’s e-mails reach you!

We have no control over the delivery because DHL is responsible for the shipping. But if you have any questions about your order, please don’t hesitate and get in touch with our customer service team. They will do their best to answer your questions!

Missed your delivery?

Did you miss your moment of delivery? The delivery person will try to deliver your parcel at your neighbors or at a nearby DHL ServicePoint. In both cases you will receive a yellow card in your mailbox with the address where you can pick up your order. Do you want to change the delivery moment or change the location? Choose another option with the code on the yellow card or the My DHL app.

Go greener

Little Wonderland is always trying to seek solutions to improve our sustainability. Did you know that DHL is trying to reduce their CO2 emission as much as possible? DHL’s distribution centers don’t use gas, and your parcel is delivered with an electric delivery van for the last miles of the journey. Do you want to go greener? Choose for a delivery at a DHL ServicePoint or at a safe location around your house.

In 2021, we’ve enrolled in the GoGreen compensation program by DHL. They developed this initiative to further reduce their remaining CO2 emission as much as possible. DHL invests in ecological and green initiatives, like planting a special DHL company forest with 7.000 trees. The ultimate goal is to reduce their emissions to zero by 2050! By joining the GoGreen compensation program, Little Wonderland expects to cut back on CO2 emissions by 20 tonnes in 2021! Does that sound confusing to you? 20 tonnes of CO2 roughly equals:

  • Driving a gasoline fueled car for 223.000 kilometers.
  • Flying up and down between Paris and Amsterdam over 50 times.
  • 13 years of electricity supply for an average sized Dutch household.

This way, we’re trying to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable approach to our business.

Our schedule for shipments:

 Time orderedBefore 10:00 pm After 10:00 pm
MondayShipped on MondayShipped on Tuesday
TuesdayShipped on TuesdayShipped on Wednesday
WednesdayShipped on WednesdayShipped on Thursday
ThursdayShipped on ThursdayShipped on Friday
FridayShipped on FridayShipped on Monday
SaturdayShipped on MondayShipped on Monday
SundayShipped on MondayShipped on Monday

** No deliveries on National Days.


The Netherlands

 Shipping methodsShipping feeFree shippingWaddeneiland fee
Home delivery€3,99€35,-€6,-
DHL Servicepoint€3,99€35,-€6,-
Pas chez les voisins€4,99--
DHL Aujourd'hui€4,99--


EU Zone 1

CountryHome deliveryServicepointFree shipping fromEst. Shipping time
Austria€5.99€5.99€60,-3 - 4 days
Belgium€4,99€4,99€50,-2 - 3 days
Germany€5,99€5,99€50,-3 - 4 days
France-€6.99€70,-3 - 4 days
Luxembourg€5.99€5.99€60,-2 - 3 days


EU Zone 2

CountryHome deliveryServicepointFree shipping fromEst. Shipping time
Czech Republic€8,99€8,99€90,-4 - 5 days
Poland€7,99€7,99€80,-4 - 5 days
Romania€7,99€10,99€80,-4 - 5 days
Slovakia€8.99€10,99€90,-4 - 5 days


EU Zone 3

CountryHome deliveryServicepointFree shipping fromEst. Shipping time
Estonia€9,99€15.99€100.-5 - 6 days
Hungary€9.99€9.99€100.-5 - 6 days
Ireland€9,99€9,99€100.-5 - 6 days
Italy€9.99-€100.-4 - 6 days
Croatia€9.99€9.99€100.-4 - 5 days
Latvia€9,99€15.99€110,-5 - 6 days
Lithuania€9,99€15.99€100.-5 - 6 days
Slovenia€9,99€9.99€100.-4 - 5 days


EU Zone 4

CountryHome deliveryServicepointFree shipping fromEst. Shipping time
Bulgaria€11,99€11,99€120,-6 - 7 days
Denmark-€14.99€150,-3 - 4 days
Greece€12,99€12,99€130,-7 - 8 days
Portugal€13,99€13,99€140,-6 - 7 days
Spain€12,99€12,99€130,-5 - 6 days
Finland-€15,99€160,-5 - 6 days
Sweden€15,99€15,99€160,-3 - 4 days


Remote Area fee

Sometimes your location is considered a remote area. DHL charges an additional fee for these addresses. If your address is on the Remote Area List, we will contact you for more information.


Shipping process

The Little Wonderland shipping process goes through the following steps.

1: Your order is collected in our warehouse. 
2: Our warehouse staff will carefully pack your order, along with some cute samples!
3: Your order will be picked up by our courier
4a: Your order will be delivered to your shipping address. 
4b: Your order will be delivered to your service point. In this case, don't forget to bring your ID!

Check your order after receiving it. Is there a product missing or is something damaged? We apologize and kindly ask you to contact our customer care as soon as possible. Please send us clear photographic evidence in the case of any damage.


I have not received a shipping receipt

It is possible that your spam filter is active and is filtering our shipping receipt. We recommend that you check your spam filter settings and, if necessary, adjust them.


Alternative Address

You can deliver your order to a different address than your billing address. Under "My Address Information" you have the option to enter your billing address and shipping address. You can change this at any time. This gives you the freedom to order your order at your home and next time at the office. If you have your order delivered to you at the office, make sure that you enter the correct address with a possible number extension.


Missing items

In case you have ordered one or more items, but have not received these items, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


Wrong article received

In case you have received one or more items that you have not ordered, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Order not received

In case you have not received your order, please use the Track & Trace code to track your order at the carrier. If your order is also not traceable, please contact us as soon as possible, we will be happy to help you. For a correct and trouble-free delivery, always check if the address is entered correctly.


Filled in wrong address

Filled in a wrong address? Please contact us as soon as possible, mostly we can still change this. If the package is already underway with the delivery, unfortunately we cannot do anything anymore. Please keep us informed, we will do everything we can to get the package delivered.

If the package has returned to us, it is possible to resend the package. The shipping costs for resending will be charged. When canceling a returned shipment due to incorrect address, we will refund the amount exclude shipping fee.



You are entitled to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without notice, provided that the seal is not broken. If the seal is broken, your order is final and can not be returned. If you use your right of cancellation, you will have 14 days to cancel your product after cancellation. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping costs. Only the costs for returning from your address to us are for your own account. These costs are approximately €6.99 per package within the Netherlands, for the exact rates consult the website of your carrier. If you use your right of withdrawal, the product will be returned to the vendor in the original condition and packaging with all supplied accessories and - if reasonably possible. To use this right, you can contact us at [email protected]. We will then refund the order amount due within 14 days after registration of your return, provided that the product has already been returned in good order.

When returning from Belgium, Germany or other EU country, send us an email with your order information to [email protected]. We will assist you on the return process.