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Setting Spray

Setting spray is a true life saver for people who want their make-up to look its best. It can be quite a task to make your makeup look just right. In any case, it’s nice to know that something like setting spray exists. You use setting spray as the last step of your beauty routine. You spray it on your skin after you have applied your make-up. It’s like an additional layer that ensures that your makeup looks its best; it prevents a ‘powdery’, uneven look and makes your skin look more dewy or more matte.

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Setting spray that gives your skin a soft dewy finish and ensures that your make-up stays in place all day. Read more
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Frudia Re:proust Perfect Shield Make Up Setting Fixer
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Re:proust Perfect Shield Make Up Setting Fixer
Setting spray that gives your skin a soft dewy finish and ensures that your make-up stays in place all day.
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Setting spray is a solution too for when you’re afraid that excessive sweating will cause your makeup to lose its appeal. In this sense, you could compare setting spray with powder; powder absorbs excessive sebum while a spray forms a skin perfecting layer.

Fixing spray versus setting spray

Many people tend to believe that setting spray and fixing spray are the same product. They are related to each other but they have their own function and direction. A fixing spray is comparable to a top coat you apply over your nail polish. It often contains alcohol and special synthetic substances that form a protective film over the skin. This thin layer ensures that your make-up will stay on for longer compared to wearing makeup without a fixing spray. It literally fixates the makeup. So, if you want to use a setting spray, don’t use a fixing spray and the other way round. It’s also advisable to limit the days you use a fixing spray; leave it for special occasions. The ingredients in fixing spray are not harmful, but they can be a bit drying to the skin when used excessively. Setting spray is a whole different story. We’ll dive into it right here.

The benefits of setting spray

Setting spray is used in the same spot in your routine, so as the last step. Consider it to be a kind of finishing touch. It makes your previous makeup steps look even more beautiful and it blends your makeup products together. It gives you a wonderful finish too. And it makes sure your skin doesn’t look too powdery and gives it an extra glow. Depending on your wishes, setting spray can make your skin look more matte or more dewy. It brings out the best of your foundation or BB cream.

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