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Damaged Packaging Sale

Welcome to our special sale department! Please read below for more information.

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An unscented, water-based sunscreen to protect the skin against UV rays. Read more
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Centella Green Level Unscented Sun
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Centella Green Level Unscented Sun
An unscented, water-based sunscreen to protect the skin against UV rays.
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Damaged Packaging Sale

What is special sale?

Our stocks has traveled all the way from South-Korea to our warehouse. In order to get here, those products have gone through a very rough time by air or ocean. 97% of the products will arrive safely in our warehouse, while a small percentage didn't make it like damaged outer box. Very occasionally we might also receive products with short shelf life between 6m-12m.

Little Wonderland searches for solutions to a more sustainable way, and instead of getting rid of it, we want to give them a second chance. We hope our customers will value this initiative as this is also a very good chance to purchase your favorite products for a cheaper price!


Is there any difference between those products and other regular?

The products will have a minor difference between the regular products that could be 1 of the following:

  • Outer package is damaged
  • Outer package is missing
  • Short shelf life

Other then that, there is no differences.

The stock will be limited to a few pieces only, if there is a product you wish to buy, don't hesitate for too long.


How do I know which condition the product has?

On those products, you will be able to select a variation. There you will find the stats, see image below: