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At Little Wonderland, we believe it's important to commit to a sustainable and green world. As a company, we make conscious choices to have a positive impact on the planet. Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about how we are working towards a greener future.

Our Sustainable Office

Sustainability is a priority at our headquarters. For instance, we use renewable energy sources and therefore operate 100% electrically. Sustainability is also in the details of the interior: from environmentally friendly paint to ergonomic workplaces.

The entire LW team works hard to contribute to our sustainability mission. For example, we encourage the use of public transportation and are working on new initiatives that make our future even greener, such as parking spaces with charging points for electric vehicles. Did you know that flexible working hours can reduce emissions? This way, we don't have to travel during peak hours and we minimize not only traffic jams but also emissions.

Sustainable Materials

All our partners from Asia and the EU use recycled cardboard boxes for their shipments. We send our shipments to you in custom-made recyclable boxes to prevent excessive use of materials. In this way, we together limit waste to a minimum.

Our next step is to completely eliminate plastic from our packaging and orders. We are actively researching and testing biodegradable alternatives that offer the same level of protection without harming the planet.



Green Partnerships

We partner with companies that share our vision for a sustainable future. One such partner is DHL, a proponent of sustainability. Thanks to their green initiatives and CO₂ compensation programs, we can further reduce our ecological footprint and ensure that every package we send leaves a positive impact.

Since early 2021, we have participated in DHL's GoGreen compensation program and receive our GoGreen certificate annually. This is an initiative to reduce the remaining CO₂ emissions as much as possible, with the ultimate goal of reducing CO₂ emissions worldwide to zero by 2025. Through this program, DHL invests in sustainable initiatives, such as planting a corporate forest with as many as 7,000 trees.

By participating in the GoGreen compensation program, we have compensated for more than 200 tons of CO₂ in the past 3 years! 200 tons of CO₂ is equivalent to:

  • Driving more than 1.16 million kilometers in a car
  • Flying 140 times between Amsterdam and Paris
  • More than 130 years of electricity use by an average Dutch household

Korean beauty companies are trendsetters at all levels, including innovation and sustainability. Therefore, we find it important to establish close ties with brands such as Purito, Mixsoon, and SKIN1004 that prioritize a green world. Many Korean beauty brands have innovative recycling programs and use eco-friendly packaging. But they also continue to innovate and constantly improve, for example, by developing biodegradable sheet masks or clean beauty formulas that use only essential and green ingredients.

Towards a Greener Future

We’re all about having a positive impact on the planet and a green future for all of us. But we can't do it alone, so it's important that you know what to expect when you place an order with us. Know that every purchase you make with us is a step towards positive change and a greener future.