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Here you can find everything you need to care for your nails.

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Little Wonderland offers everything you could ever need for great nails. Our nail polish transforms your nails into little works of art. Korean beauty brands like Etude House and Holika Holika are loved for their high quality nail polishes. Whether you're into nude colors or love bright and shiny colors, your nails will steal the show. We have quick drying nail polish and gel nail polish so you don't need to worry about getting your lovely nails chapped. A top coat can certainly guarantee you a wonderful result. This way, you can make a jaw dropping impression!

You don't want your lovely nails to be combined with dry, dull and wrinkly hands, right? Little Wonderland has a broad range of nourishing hand creams and masks that will care for your hands, making them smooth and soft. Check out our hand and foot care collection and find your new favorite hand cream. 

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Your nails are made of keratin. The nails themselves don't have any sensory abilities but the nerves underneath the nails are very sensitive. Nails protect your fingers and toes, so you can make better use of them and don't have to worry about bumping into things with them. Nails aren't just for show, they are very important too. Brittle, weak nails aren't as good at protecting your fingers and they don't look appealing either. If you're suffering from this, try taking more Vitamin B, Selenium and Zinc, either through your diet or through supplements. This should improve your nails. 

The benefits of top coat nail polish

Even if your nails are healthy and strong, chipped nail varnish isn't a pretty sight. Luckily there are lots of solutions to prevent your nail polish from chapping, so you can enjoy your colored nails for a longer time. Some gel nail polish dries very quickly, making it a lot less vulnerable for chipping and scratching. But the best solution for chapped nail polish or varnish that fades quickly is applying a separate top coat. This fixates the nail polish and forms a protective film. Sometimes it even adds a beautiful shine to your nails as well. 

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At Little Wonderland you will find all the beauty accessories you need, including nail polish, nail serums and top coats. This way you'll find the perfect product to care your hands. All our products are from the best Korean brands and therefore they have great quality! Buying Korean skincare at Little Wonderland has more advantages. We offer free shipping on orders from € 50,- and you receive free samples with every order. Pay securely with iDeal or one of our other payment methods and receive free Wonder Points, with which you can save for great discounts on your favorite Korean skincare products.