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Keep Cool

Keep Cool is skin care that promotes ageless beauty. Their products literally ‘cool’ down your skin, using a unique herbal complex that promotes skin health. Scutelleria Baicalensis, Lonicerea Flos and Forsynthia Fruit have a calming, cooling effect on your skin, promoting an even tone. At Keep Cool, they believe keeping skin fresh is essential to preventing and diminishing irritations.

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Keep Cool Skin Care

Keep Cool developed three skin care lines that each address a specific skin concern. Soothe is the perfect range voor sensitive skin, Ocean nourishes the drier skin types, and Shine gives a healthy radiance to dull skin. Stay Cool with Keep Cool!

Soothe Bamboo Toner

The Soothe product line by Keep Cool uses bamboo water to balance out the aggravated skin. The Soothe Bamboo Toner by Keep Cool contains a whopping 85% pure bamboo water, keeps the healthy pH of the skin intact and relieves inflammation. The Bamboo Lotion contains seven types of hyaluronic acid to refresh the skin without leaving a sticky residue. 

Keep Cool at Little Wonderland

Do you want to refresh your skin care routine with the skin care by Keep Cool? Order on weekdays before 20:00, and we'll send your package your way the same day. If your spend over 40 euro's, you'll get a free sheet mask!