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Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencils allow you to accentuate your eyebrows and give them a more full and defined look.

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Eyebrow Pencil

Little Wonderland offers everything you need to achieve full, defined eyebrows that finish off your signature look. Moreover, you will find all kinds of make-up for beautifully made-up eyes. Eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara to accentuate and lengthen your eyelashes. You name it, and you will find it with us!

The best eyebrow pencil

An eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pen helps to emphasize the natural intensity of your eyebrow. You can change the shape of your eyebrows with them, and fill in areas where the eyebrow hairs might be a little sparse. This allows you to create a matching shape and color that are unique for your face. Your eyebrows are a very important part of the face. Shapely, full eyebrows that suit your face can really improve your facial features. And this is exactly where the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pen come into the game!

Which color eyebrow pencil?

When using a beauty tool like an eyebrow pencil, it's very important that you choose the right color. The right color is the hue that comes closest to your natural eyebrow color. Is your eyebrow pencil too light? Then it won't have the desired effect, because the color will not be visible. Is the color of your eyebrow pen or pencil too dark? Then you will create an unnatural effect, as your eyebrows will seem too dark for your hair and skin tone. When in doubt, choose a color that is slightly lighter than slightly darker than your natural eyebrow color. This is the safest choice and avoids that unnatural look. 

Buy eyebrow pen at Little Wonderland

Buying your eyebrow pen from Little Wonderland has many different benefits. We are happy to provide you with personal advice, so that you always find the right makeup products. We have the best Korean skincare and makeup by top brands including Holika Holika, Etude House and 3CE. You also benefit from free shipping on orders over €50. In addition, your order will be delivered quickly, so you can quickly enjoy your new makeup and eyebrow pencil! Collect Wonder Points with every order and save for great deals on your favorite Little Wonderland products!